Patrick Eugene

About Me

My name is Patrick Eugene Cutlip (but I pronounce it Cuplip!) and I am going to be three in June.

I like robots, dinosaurs, playdoh and cartoons - and I love to draw. My dad stays home and takes care of me while my mommy goes to work. I love spending time with my daddy - he tells me I am his favorite little buddy.

We just adopted a kitty from what mommy and daddy called the "A.P.L." - whatever that means. There were so many kitties there when we visited - I wanted to play with all of them. But, we didn't have time for that - and we decided to take home Spooky. I love her!

I have turned into mommy and daddy's little helper. I love to help daddy cook my breakfast every morning and I help mommy out by putting my dirty dishes in the sink. Maybe some day she'll let me play in the water and help her wash them, too!

I love to take baths and swim in the tub and play with my "bubble friends". Sometimes I get so excited playing in the water that I end up splashing water all over the place and mommy has to remind me that the water has to stay inside the bathtub! I almost always stay in the tub until the water is almost cold and mommy tells me my hands and toes look like little prunes. I've never seen a prune, but they sure must look funny and all wrinkly!

I love to talk and tell stories. I'm always talking up a storm, especailly when mommy first gets home from work because I'm so excited to tell her about my day! I watch Noggin a lot and my favorite shows are Wow Wow Wubbzy! and the "crazy guys" on the Upsiade Down Show. I always watch both before I go to bed every night.

I can't wait to go to school. Every time we drive by a school I tell my mommy I want to go and she tells me I have to wait a little bit longer to go to school with the "big kids". I bet that is going to be lots of fun! I can't wait to learn how to use the computer like my mommy - it looks like so much fun!